Automatic Sampling of Aerosols and Rain

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Low Volume Sampler

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Precipitation Sampler

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Blaue Osterhasen

Am 1.4.23 haben sich zwei kleine und ein grosser Osterhase aufgemacht, um blaue Osternästli zu verstecken… 🙂

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Finally back in Korea

In 2012 we received a request from a Korean company KNJ. Little did I know back then how successful our […]

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Welcome New Emco Maxxturn 25!

After 6 months of waiting and looking forward to receiving it, our newest CNC drilling machine finally arrived at the […]

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Successfully customized Samplers: Visit at Andra Centre de Stockage de l’Aube

In 2021 we received a special request for the French atomic waste storage center Andra centre de stockage de l’Aube. […]

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Emil’s advice on how to stay relaxed in a busy office

Our office dog Emil knows exactly how to stay happy and he is an expert in work-life balance. Here are […]

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Neujahresessen 2022/2023

Anfang Februar hatten wir unser jährliches Weihnachts- beziehungsweise Neujahresessen, als Dankeschön an alle! Dieses Jahr gingen wir ins Technorama, wer […]

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